Real Estate Investor Marketing

Done For You Marketing So You Can Attract More Leads, Build Stronger Relationships and Make More Deals!

We get it, you don't have time for marketing, but meanwhile you need to...

  • grow a larger audience, so you have more leads to close more deals.
  • create more visibility - let's face it, you want to be seen everywhere!
  • build your authority platform and be the go to, trusted expert.
  • build more relationships with tenants, contractors, students, project managers and more!
  • close more deals (sellers or buyers), attracting is key, but so is converting!
  • differentiate yourself from your competition (you need X-factors to set yourself apart).


There are numerous content marketing strategies 

to build your authority platform, to attract more leads,  and build stronger relationships


    Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube, there are a ton of options to connect with your audience.


    Speaking on summits, online events or on the big stage, your talks will show that you are the go to expert and convert customers faster. 


    Whether it's IGTV, live on Facebook, You Tube Videos or webinars, you'll be seen as the expert.


    Blogging is still king when it comes to serving, attracting new leads, showcasing your expertise and boosting organic traffic to convert people to your e-list. 


    Be a guest expert on podcasts or start your own podcast show to extend your reach and build your authority platform.


    A crucial strategy to stay top of mind, build trust, serve your niche, nurture and move people through your sales pipeline. 


But who the heck has the time, or knowledge or experience to MAKE this happen?


You are out there making connections, working with your contractors, the banks, project managers, your employees and hustling to make deals. Creating content, publishing it, promoting it, and figuring out the tech elements is enough to make your head spin!


And sure it’s great to read Russell Brunson's books and know that funnels are effective, or learn from J. Massey on how to make videos that grab attention and get ranked on You Tube or read bigger pockets until you are blue in the face. 


But the more time you spend trying to figure out all this marketing, the tech, the strategies, the tools, PLUS try to ensure it’s optimized and bringing in results, the more deals, opportunities slip through the cracks. 


And that’s okay!


If I tried to buy real estate or flip a house or find investors, I'd fail miserably. 


This is where the Real Estate Investor's Marketing Team comes to the rescue!

We are THE go to experts in strategizing, implementing, optimizing, and analyzing online marketing for entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Investing Industry.


We’ve worked with those involved in..... 

  • Wholesaling
  • Flipping
  • Rentals
  • Single & Multi Family
  • Commercial
  • Notes Investing
  • Syndication along with property management, mortgage brokers and hard money lenders

We ‘get’ what you do.

We ‘get’ who you want to attract.

But most of all - we 'get' content marketing. 

Meet The Experts

Lyndsay Phillips


As the go to Content Marketing expert Lyndsay helps clients attract and convert customers faster with the help of her team, through her business  Smooth Sailing Business Growth. 


Lyndsay is featured on MSN, NBC, Fox and published in Home Service Max Magazine and has guested on a TON of podcasts including John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Joe Fairless’ Best Podcast Ever. She's been a podcast host for years on Smooth Business Growth Podcast and has spoken at events such as Dream Business Academy,  Podfest, and Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham). 


Working with a ton of successful Real Estate Investors we've increased their podcast audience, extended their reach and built their authority status through content marketing. Lyndsay wanted to help MORE investors, with 'Done For You' services that allows them to get more leads and close more deals! 


Aaron Hoos


Aaron Hoos is a real estate investor and the world’s only exclusive real estate investing copywriter.


As an investor, Aaron has worked in nearly every type of investing deal—from flips to rentals to new builds; from wholesaling to commercial to REITs. He currently owns rental real estate for passive cash flow.


As the Real Estate Investing Copywriter, Aaron writes for many well-known real estate investors in the US and around the world, developing proven copy and marketing strategies to help the best investors get more cash buyers, motivated sellers, and students.


Aaron is the author of The Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Handbook and The Sales Funnel Bible, plus founder of He was formerly a licensed stockbroker and holds an MBA in Strategic Management.

Imagine... Marketing


Let the Real Estate Investor's Marketing Team create your content for you. Blogs, emails, video scripts, social media, images, and more. 


Submit articles to Bigger Pockets or other publishers!


Take advantage of our Platinum level and FULLY put it on AUTO PILOT!  Look below for details.

Choose Your

'Done For You' Program


Done For You Content That You Can Swipe & Deploy Every Month!



Reg. $797 

The First 5 Clients Save $200/month! 

6 Blog Articles - with SEO keywords *thus extra's on 4 -5 week months

2 Images - for each blog

3 Weekly Social Media Posts - to share each blog and link back to your website

3 Extra Weekly Posts - shareable tips that relate to the blog

Images for the Weekly Posts - images to use with your social media posts (no more searching online!)

6 Emails - swipe and deploy emails to broadcast to your list, sharing the blog

6 Video Scripts - create videos with these easy scripts









Done For You Content That Runs On Autopilot - written, created (with branded images), published & scheduled 



Reg. $1297

The First 3 Clients Save $300/month!

6 Blog Articles - with SEO keywords *thus extra to choose from on 4-5 week months

2 Images - for each blog

3 Weekly Social Media Posts - to share each blog and link back to your website

3 Extra Weekly Posts - shareable tips that relate to the blog

Images for the Weekly Posts - images to use with your social media posts (no more searching online!) PLUS We'll brand them for you!!

6 Emails - swipe and deploy emails to broadcast to your list, sharing the blog

6 Video Scripts - create videos with these easy scripts


Blog Scheduling - your account manager will publish, SEO and schedule your blogs.

Social Media Scheduling - your account manager will brand and schedule your social media posts

Email Scheduling - your account manager will format and schedule your nurture emails each week.

PLUS a 30 Minute Content Coach Call with Lyndsay!

Accelerate Your Authority

Podcast Your Way To Growth!

Tap into the millions of podcast listeners to share your message and expertise. Whether you want to focus on guest podcasting or launch your own, we do full tracking, production and promotion services to move the needle in your Real Estate Investing Business!


Aren't sure which strategy is right for your business goals? Book your FREE 20 Minute Consultation.

Podcasting Can Truly Move The Needle In Your Business

Not only can it pave the way for speaking gigs, improve your confidence, but it truly puts you on the map, establishes your authority allowing you to charge more and attract your perfect avatar!

  • Boost Your SEO

    You have more content to share, push traffic to your site, so you can attract, nurture and convert more leads. 

  • Position Yourself As The Expert

    Be seen everywhere and share your expertise. You'll gain notoriety, trust and build your authority status.

  • Widen Your Network

    Not only do you meet and connect with other podcasters and experts, but you engage with your avatar on a deeper level and extend your reach. 

Choose Your Podcast Package


Position Yourself As An Expert By Guesting On Podcasts And Convert More Listeners




Monthly (based on average of 4/mo)*

Tracking - we track which shows you were on and when they go live to ensure every episode is leveraged!

Publishing - a 'blog' post is created for every live episode to ensure you push traffic to your site and increase SEO *including image creation!

Social Media Posts - 4 posts are created and scheduled to ensure you are showcased, push traffic to your site and extend your reach

Nurture Email  - we create and broadcast the email to share your expertise with your list.

LinkedIn Pulse - we publish the episode in LinkedIn for greater exposure

*This package is based off of an average of 4 episodes/mo, any episodes above this quantity is subject to overage fees of $125/episode


Wow Your Audience With Your Own Podcast! Extend Your Reach, Position Yourself as an Expert And Make Stronger Connections


Monthly (based on weekly podcast)

Hosting - your podcast is hosted and set up in Libsyn

Directories - ensure your podcast is pushed through multiple directories including Tune In, iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, You Tube and more!

Production - have your podcast edited with a custom intro, outro and/or commercials, plus sound control

Publishing - we publish your podcast on your site complete with show notes, audio player, image and SEO

Episode Images - customer graphics for each episode is created to share on social

Social Media Posts  - we create the posts and pre-schedule to share your episodes for more downloads and exposure

LinkedIn Pulse  - we publish the episode on LinkedIn for greater exposure

*Show Notes Extra.  See below for information about custom packages!

NOTE - For Custom Packages Book Your 20 Minute Consultation Call!


1 - We can add in Guest Services (getting the guest bio/headshot, communicating about the show and when it goes live),


2 - We can add in show notes (various styles, with or without time stamps)


3 - We can post to Medium, and Bigger Pockets (or omit posting LinkedIn Articles)


4 - We can create Audiograms and quote graphics.


5 - We can email the list your podcast episode to help nurture your list and get more listens!




Lyndsay and her team of rockstars have done an outstanding job in helping me grow my podcast as well as my real estate business as a whole. 


Her team’s management of my social media has resulted in unbelievable engagement stats on all social media platforms.


I highly recommend her services to anyone serious about supercharging their business.


Tyler Sheff

Cash Flow Guys Podcast


Larry Harbolt from the Real Deal Real Estate Podcast.


I wouldn’t be able to produce and promote my podcast without Lyndsay’s team. It’s a seamless process and I know it’s handled very professionally.


Lyndsay's team gives me peace of mind and their expertise is paramount to free me up to fill my events without a doubt.  

Larry Harbolt

Real Deal Real Estate Podcast

Something To Consider....

I share this on podcasts and with other entrepreneurs... it was a valuable lesson I learned myself.


Ask yourself these 3 things....


1 - If you aren't already launching, publishing, promoting will you magically find the time in the next month?


2 - Think about what your time is worth (your hourly rate or your time based on your revenue). Would it be worth it to pay someone half that cost to move your business forward so you are spending your time on high level strategies, sales or business development? Doing this exercise was eye opening for me!


3 - Do you want to spend your time figuring out the strategies, how to implement and optimize and be bogged down by marketing tasks, or do you want to stay in your lane of genius and do what you love?


Food for thought while you consider how Real Estate Investor's Marketing can help you get ahead in your business, with less stress!






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